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This site provides a comprehensive guide to the plants (mostly edibles) growing on my small north/west facing block in Sydney, Australia. The information in contained within is relevant to those gardening in a temperate to sub-tropical climate. Our focus in on building healthy soils and gardens via proven organic principles.

Build healthy soil and gardens

Good strong plants begin with healthy, fertile soil. Soil, rich in organic matter such as compost and manure helps to keep plants strong and better able to ward of pests and disease. Soil care also means not dousing it with pesticides and chemical fertilises and only digging when necessary. Healthy, fertile soil means plants can be planted closer together to increase productivity of available space.

Maximising productivity & extending harvests

This is achieved though careful selection of varieties and utilising micro-climates to expand the range of foods that can be grown. Spots sheltered from wind and utilising heat from brick walls provide a micro-climates suitable for growing subtropical plants. Planting the same crop in both full sun and part shade often extends the time I can harvest.

With careful variety selection and by choosing taller plants that produce more and yield well over a long period extends harvest periods. Starting seeds indoors helps to provide a head start on the growing seasons.

Growing upwards wherever possible helps maximise production space. Climbers and vines such as melons, squash, pumpkins, cucumber and brambles can be trained to grow upward.

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