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Posted on Nov 8, 2013 in DIY / Projects | 0 comments

Building Garden Beds

Building Garden Beds

Built from recycled corrugated iron and reclaimed hardwood timber offcuts, these garden beds were cheap and relatively easy to make, even for a DIY newbie like me.

Materials used:

  • Reclaimed timber offcuts – for corner and joining posts
  • Reclaimed ¬†corrugated iron sheets (fencing) – for walls of beds
  • Galvanised hex screws – for joining timber to iron sheets
  • Builders molding (top and corner edges) – to cover sharp metal edges
  • Reclaimed pavers – path

Tools used:

  • Drill for creating pilot holes in iron sheets and drilling hex screws through iron and timber
  • Hand saw to cut molding
  • Circular saw with metal blade for cutting iron sheets plus a timber blade for the cutting timber

The timber was purchased very cheaply from a builders yard. My dad gave me the corrugated iron sheets which were previously being used for fencing. The  pavers I had laying around from a previous garden project. This just left the hex screws and moldings that had to be purchased new.

Apart from cost, the biggest benefit of building from scratch was that it could be made to fit the available space perfectly. Meaning no loss of garden space.

Here are the pics.

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