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Posted on Apr 8, 2014 in Pest & disease prevention, Pests | 0 comments

Pest Exclusion

Pest Exclusion

I’m getting pretty tired of sowing seeds only to find them gone as soon as they sprout. Often they surcome to curl grubs, snails and slugs. Below is my pest exclusion plan, designed to reduce pest numbers by physically keeping them out of the garden beds.

Primary pests include: Curl grubs, snails and slugs, mice and fruit fly

My strategy to reduce problems

Enclose all beds (where practical) with vege net or fine mesh to keep majority of pests out. For each bed, the following is required.

  1. Place trim around tops and corners of bed to provide a level surface, free from sharp edges that could tear netting.
  2. Erect frame to support netting.
  3. Sew nets to fit frame.
  4. On beds with no back, holes need to be filled to prevent access to pests.
  5. On conclusion of each crop, dig over beds and remove as many curl grubs as possible. This is especially important prior to autumn/winter sowing.

Mice exclusion for compost and mulch bins:

  1. Bury bottoms 14cm into ground (mulch and one compost bin already done – just one remains)
  2. Mulch bin (made from old pallets): Create tight fitting lid made from .6mm wire mesh to exclude mice.
  3. Never leave lids off these bins.
  4. Cover entry points under fence

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