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Posted on Feb 17, 2013 in Pests | 0 comments

Pest ID & Management

Pest ID & Management

Friend or foe? Its not always easy to tell when it comes to the garden. Use this page to visually identify problem pests, then follow the image links for further information on how to manage them.

Pest prevention

Avoid mono-cultures. Use companion planting strategies or simply plant a wide range of plants to encourage predatory insects to help keep problem pests naturally in check. Rotating crops to different beds from season to season can help prevent a build up of pests and disease in one area.

Sucking pests

Sometimes so small you cant see them, these pests suck the goodness from the plants.

White flyWhite fly

  • Hide on the underside of plant leaves
  • Fly up in a white cloud when plant is disturbed
 Large colony of sap sucking Red Spider Mites Mites

  • Red spider (pictured)
  • Leaves have a speckled appearance
Scale insects are sap suckersScale

  • Many colours, shapes & sizes
  • Appear motionless
  • Presence of ants can indicate scale
  • Leaves maybe covered in black, sticky soot
  • Leaves yellow & fall
Tiny thrips suck the goodness from leavesThrips

  • Suck the goodness from leaves
  • Difficult to see without a magnifying glass
  • Leaves have a mottled appearance
Adult Bronze Orange Bug infest citrus treesBronze Orange Bug/stink bugs

  • Start off green, maturing to orange then black
  • Feed on new growth which wilts & dies
  • Citrus trees particularly affected
  • Most common Spring to late summer

Chewing pests

These pests chew on plant parts be it leaves, stems, fruit or roots.

Snails & slugs devour seedlings & leafy greensSnails & slugs

  • Eats seedlings & greens
  • Most prevalent after rain
Leaf miners feed on leaves, leaving a silvery trailLeaf miners

  • Leaves a silvery trail in young leaves
  • Citrus leaf miner affect citrus only
Mice chew most vegetables & fruitRats & Mice

  • Feed at night
  • Eats anything in the garden
Curl grubs gorge on plant roots & organic matterCurl grubs

  • Larvae of African Black Beetle
  • Eat plant roots & organic matter in the soil
  • Wilted &/or stunted plants despite adequate care
Fruit fly cause maggots in fruit & vegetablesQLD Fruit fly

  • Serious pest located QLD down to VIC
  • Lay eggs in fruit and vegetables
  • Larvae rot the fruit from the inside
  • QLD: all year
  • NSW/VIC: Spring to late summer
Beetle & Weevils
Butterflies & moths

  • Includes Cabbage White Butterfly

Big pests

Cockatoos, possums

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