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Posted on Dec 19, 2013 in Pests | 0 comments

Pesky Possums

Pesky Possums

Possums… Those pesky little critters that are so cute yet reek such destruction.

Their appearance in my garden coincided with when the fruit fly baits went out Nov 2013. The boards containing the fruit fly bait being licked clean each night. Once the boards were ‘possum proofed’ they turned to their attention to the vegetable garden starting with the cucumbers, capsicum and tomatoes.

After much experimentation, I have found exclusion to be the most effective option.

If you’ve found possums eating your garden

Harvest anything ready or almost ready for eating. Net garden beds (bird netting fine for this purpose. Make sure netting is not touching the fruit or vegetable or they will eat it through the net. Ensure netting is tightly secured at the bottom otherwise, they will find a way in. As an added bonus, this will also protect crops from cockatoos, small rodents and bats.

Tip: If you have problems with fruit fly, use a smaller grade netting (<3mm holes) to manage both pest simultaneously.

There are plenty of other low impact strategies you can use to dissuade possums from entering your garden e.g cassia chips sprinkled in beds, stockings with blood and bone hung around the perimeter. My experience with these methods are that they are a bit hit and miss but you may have more luck and these methods may work for you.

Other more hard-core strategies you can apply

  • Line entry points with pest / exclusion spikes.
  • Build a possum proof fence
  • Low voltage electric fence toppers


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