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Posted on Jan 10, 2013 in Pests | 0 comments

Snails & Slugs

Snails & Slugs

If you are any type of gardener, you know the damage that snails and slugs can cause. They seem to know just when that strawberry is almost ripe and love the tender new shoots of seedlings. Try these solutions to keep them at bay.


Coffee: Add to 10 parts water, one part espresso coffee. It has to be espresso because instant coffee is just too weak. Spray this solution over the surface of leaves and over the surface of the soil, where snails and slugs might crawl. The snails absorb the coffee through their skin and the caffeine in it kills them.

Beer baited traps: Ive never had much success with this. Also, they attract other bugs like cockroaches and become smelly. Hubby thinks its a waste of good beer :).

Snail baits: Commercial baits are very successful at killing snails and slugs however this is a chemical solution. If using commercial baits near edibles, use the preferred iron based baits.


The best time to bait is March – April because:

  • adult snails and slugs are killed before they get a chance to lay their eggs
  • snails and slugs are hungry after spending the summer period inactive and there is little alternative feed to compete with the baits
  • the ground is comparatively bare so the chance of a snail contacting a bait is increased

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