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Posted on Aug 14, 2013 in Growing guides | 0 comments

Edibles for Shade

Lets face it, in suburbia, not everyone has a sun drenched garden with the recommended 8 hrs +per day recommended for fruit and vegetable production. At the very least, most of us will have pockets of part shade, even if that’s being provided by other plants growing in the garden. Use every bit of your garden by tucking in the shade tolerant vegetables listed below.

PlantMin. sun hrs
Arugula3Bolts in hot sun
Asian greens2
Silverbeet5Minimum 5 hours of sun per day for large crisp leaves or 3-4 hours for smaller baby leaves
Herbs (some)3All chives, coriander, lemon balm, mint, oregano, parsley
Kale3Part Shade will not significantly affect the growth of kale
Lettuce3Part shade prefered in warmer months and extends harvest period
Mustard greens3Mustard grown for baby greens is best-suited for shady gardens
Peas and beans4-5
Root vegetables44 hours of sun per day for decent production. Expect to wait longer for harvest
Spring onions3

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